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Our scope

We are committed to team up with customers to create digital products and technologies with a sustained value.

1   Projekt management
2   Software development
3   Quality control / Operation

Project rollout?

In line with the standard, we offer 3 project rollout models. If your project requires something special, just contact us, and we will pick the best solution together. Our teams offer bespoke services to customers. Here it is important to pre-agree on scalability, costs and trouble-free operation.

Model 1 

 developer (projekt based)

Calculation based on timeline & materials 

optional: projekt management

Model 2 

job description package

Calculation based on requirements

extra: projekt management

Model 3 

independent scrum team

Calculation based on timeline & materials

Developer / Quality Control / PM

Seeking outsourcing to neighboring countries?

Technology is used globally. Our scalable teams have successfully cooperated for years. The sustained quality and cost reduction bring more clients to choose projects with partial outsourcing to the neighboring countries. Technology also means open mindedness.



The team collected many years of experience in development. To keep up with innovations, employees take part in continuous upskilling and obtain certificates.

We can prove our competence with documents in the following industries:

  • Automotive

  • Civil Engineering

  • High Technology & Robotics

  • Transport & Logistics

team work

Experts in various sub-industries will support you along your way to success.

  • Software Architect
  • Web- und Software developers
  • System- / Database administrators
  • Data-Scientists
Tel 0711 / 782 44 910