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Seamless business processes with BIT as an expert on your behalf 

Atlassian software is adaptively helping your team to work at its best and unleash its potential, while it’s up to you how to scale up your business. With modern, flexible and scalable systems and countless extensions, Atlassian products grow with your company. BIT will support you at any stage of the change process.

Atlassian silver solution partner

Pros of integrating Atlassian products with BIT

Top service due to personal support and direct contact with the manufacturer.

Goal-oriented project management and transparent development planning.

Expertise in process development, data flows and requirements (ISO 9001:2015, VDA 6.3)

Many years of experience in integrating and using Atlassian products.

Knowledge of the industry specifics, primarily, mechanical engineering, manufacturing technologies, services (insurance, marketing, artisan crafts) and software.

Overview of hand-picked Atlassian products

We will be happy to advise you on other Atlassian products and services  

Professional, dynamic online task management with flexible data flows/processes and multiple interfaces and extensions. In line with the motto: We adapt to the processes, not the other way around.

Image Jira software
Crucial functions & pros

Prioritizing & tasking (new development, malfunctions)

Job allocation  

Tracking deadline compliance  

End-to-end processes  


Less processing time  

Better quality  

Control of authority 

A centralized collab tool & knowledge base for networking on documents and topics (Workspaces) – Streamline your work.

image Confluence software
Crucial functions & pros

Simultaneous work on documents

Templates and schemes

Document revisions creation and release

Processes and data flows

Reports and expert reviews

Authority management

Integration with Jira and Service Desk

Centralized knowledge

Logo jira service management

Web platform for centralized prioritizing depending on the process and processing of maintenance requests (before – Jira Service Desk).

image service desk software
Crucial functions & pros

Service management

Service Level Agreements (SLA) 

Accelerated lead times





Seamless operation without manual intervention

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