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Our milestones

How it all started.

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Our milestones

image bit today

The long-term experience in software development is in sync with a new business area. The young leaders of the company seek to link proven standards with modern technology.

New goals & benchmarks:

Agile Coaching

Cloud IT-Services

AWS Managed Hosting

image year of restructuring

In 2017, the company had been restructured after the change of its CEO and expanded to Stuttgart. In addition, the company added new business areas.

Additional business areas:



Nearshoring with partners in Osteuropa

Atlassian-Tools consulting

image year of foundation

Established in Leipzig, Bergmann InfoTech GmbH was very successful in offering customized additional development of Sage software. In addition, independent systems were integrated into existing IT settings.

Key objectives:

Consulting / IT-Support

System integration

Software development

As a tech company, we strongly believe that technology makes our future better.
Driving crucial tech innovations in one big step is very dificult. That's why 'focus and simplicity' are so important.
Ingmar Bergmann
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